Bringing Joy to Learning

Learning should be interactive and immersive.

Our games and augmented reality experiences help students:
⚡ learn faster
💡 understand deeply
🧠 retain longer

Not A Bot has created some amazing games and learning products.

I have found them extremely useful in teaching difficult topics in a fun interactive way. The smoothness and adaptability for individual needs makes their products a perfect tool for both teachers and students.“

Testimonial by an Educator

Not A Bot Studios strives to bring the joy back into the educational journey.

Something that we have in common with kids is that we both LOVE games. We want to bring more of this energetic spirit to make learning fun! Our interactive tools and experiences can help your students learn everything from simple mathematics to complicated physics problems, allowing them to experience learning as something that excites them.

Our studio will work with you to create a fun and exciting experience that both educates and delights. Having created games for grade school learners to University students, we love the challenge of making STEM concepts entertaining and engaging.

Bringing joy to learning
We're on a mission to make students fall in love with learning!

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